Duck, Duck, Goose

A brief examination of the classic children’s game

In my recent weekend trip to Virginia, my boyfriend’s family and I spent a Saturday afternoon at Beaverdam Swamp Reservoir playing cards and various board games. It had unfortunately rained the entire time we were there (hence the games), though we ended up having a lovely day under a wooden roof on an open patio. The evening was filled with fun competition and memorable moments of bonding. There were, however, a few party-crashers…

The four Virginia ducks that joined us for our outing. (August 2020)
The first pair of ducks that approached us at Beaverdam Swamp. They followed us from the moment we parked our car. (August 2020)
Four ducks scavenging for any leftover crumbs, or perhaps getting ready to play a round of “Duck, Duck, Goose”! (August 2020)

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