How Integrating Yoga and Running Workouts Benefits Your Body

I had not been able to exercise as much as I liked during this past winter season. While I looked forward to taking my nightly walks, I soon decided to stop my frequent running workouts once the weather turned cold and icy. With the shorter days, I found I had less time — or at least less daylight — to practice running in my neighborhood. I had even cancelled my gym membership since I was trying to better balance my work, home, and personal life, so I couldn’t even crank out a few miles indoors on a treadmill.

Soon, I…

Everyday Activities That Go Beyond The Ordinary

“What’s today?” my partner asked me one evening.

I lowered the book I was reading and replied, “Today’s Friday.”

He cheered, “We get bagels tomorrow!”

Each Saturday, my boyfriend and I visit our local bagel shop and order the same items from the grill: I get a sausage, egg, and cheese bagel on a white or wheat roll (depending on my mood), and he gets a turkey bacon, egg, and cheese bagel on an onion roll.

We’ve done this ever since we moved into our apartment. Thus, when my partner remembered our weekly ritual, my heart absolutely lightened.

Our local bagel shop (March 2021)

I distinctly…

What’s the Difference, Anyway?

I’ve been moving around quite a bit over the past two months, and with very good reason; my boyfriend and I just moved into our first apartment together. After collecting all our belongings from each of our parents’ houses, we’ve finally settled into a new place that we can call our own.

When I first learned of our new mailing address, I found myself curiously comforted by the fact we live on an avenue, just like I did with my original home address. There was some kind of nostalgia I felt in that fact. Plus, I always thought “avenue” was…

How to Spread “Local Love” to Your Neighborhood Beyond Small Business Shopping

I come from a small town that’s less than a square mile. Needless to say with a town that size, I know the area like the back of my hand. In recent years, however, there has been a lot of changes to the area, including an influx and growth in a number of small businesses. So once Small Business Saturday hit this year, my mother and I decided to go on a little shopping spree…

Small Business Saturday Downtown: People stopped to listen to a live band playing for the crowd (November 2020)

We visited several stores, including ones that we knew and loved, like Soul Trip, and others we had never been to before, like House of…

A Little Darkness Can Make a World of Difference

I wrap a scarf around my neck, letting it droop over my shoulders, and put on my maroon bomber jacket. I slip on my black heeled boots and grab a pair of earphones from my inner coat pocket as I make my way out the front door. An owl hoots off in the distance as I pace down the driveway while untangling my earbud wires. It’s five o’clock, though it could be midnight for all I know. Everything has gone dark.

In the fall season, we must not only acclimatize to the colder temperatures, but we must also adapt to…

The Facts, Myths, and Lore about these Magical Felines

Even in this day and age, cats are one of the most revered creatures on this earth. Whether we think of the lion — king of the jungle — or our favorite internet cats, like Grumpy Cat or Pusheen, it’s clear that people love, respect, and find joy in our feline friends. Even for those who aren’t total cat lovers, you can’t deny that there’s something wonderous about these animals. From their mesmerizing eyes, to their majestic stance, to their seemingly supernatural aura, it’s no wonder Ancient Egyptians believed cats “held a bit of divine energy within them.”

Seen on my walk: a black cat waiting patiently to be let inside (September 2020)

As a…

The Perfect Foil in Flora

The pinecone that resembled a rose, which I found to be both beautiful and fascinating (October 2020)

In the autumn season, I love to admire the falling leaves that scatter across the earth’s floor. I never know what treasures I may find hiding in a colorful leaf pile; sometimes I see a squirrel scavenging for acorns, other times I’ll find mushrooms poking out from the ground. On my most recent strolls, however, I’ve found several kinds of pinecones buried under red, orange, and yellow leaves — each one its own unique size, shape, and color. …

Defining what is (and isn’t) a berry blows the old “Is a tomato a fruit?” question out of the water.

I try to pay attention to the little things when I go for a walk — things I wouldn’t necessarily notice unless I were purposefully looking for them. During my last few outings, the ‘little things’ I’ve recently taken most notice of were tiny, colorful berries that grew on nearby trees and bushes. I’ve seen a variety of these fruits, ranging from plump, rounded sage green berries to clusters of oval, fiery-colored berries. I’m no nature expert, and without a trusty reference book in hand, I didn’t exactly know what berry species I was looking at. So I pulled out…

Why these often unnoticed street additions are everlastingly important

On my latest walk, I took a brief rest at a wood bench that faced a medium-sized lake. A gaggle of geese were swimming in the water, and a slight breeze blew over their closed wings. The faint chill that came with the gust signaled the oncoming autumn season, though the sun’s hot rays still beamed through the forest greenery that surrounded the area. A sense of calm swept over me as I took in the scene, which was quiet, peaceful, and easy.

Such a simple, yet pleasurable moment is something we all need to experience from time to time…

A brief examination of the classic children’s game

In my recent weekend trip to Virginia, my boyfriend’s family and I spent a Saturday afternoon at Beaverdam Swamp Reservoir playing cards and various board games. It had unfortunately rained the entire time we were there (hence the games), though we ended up having a lovely day under a wooden roof on an open patio. The evening was filled with fun competition and memorable moments of bonding. There were, however, a few party-crashers…

A group of ducks unabashedly joined our company for the evening. They stayed very close to us the entire time, likely hoping to catch any crumbs that…

Little Walks, Big Thoughts

Julia writes big thoughts about the things she sees on her walks in both local neighborhoods & far-away places. Instagram:

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